Switzer’s Auction and Appraisal are your Estate Specialists.  We are qualified and licensed for all categories of firearms, ammunition and their storage, we are available for reliable timely pickup and disposition of those items.  We are frequently called by Estate Executors for advice and assistance in dealing with registered and unregistered firearms that they have found themselves responsible for.  We take the worry out of making sure the items are handled in an approved method including: identification, valuation, marketing and ensuring the firearms are sold to properly licensed buyers.

In situations where pickup is required immediately for safety concerns we can normally respond within 24 hours.  This saves local police the cumbersome task of picking up, logging into evidence and storage of the items you are responsible for.  As an executor you are responsible for dealing with firearms in a timely manner and have the same rights and responsibilities of the deceased.  As long as the firearms are properly stored and safe, they can remain in that storage until arrangements are made for pickup and sale.

At Switzer’s we recommend estate firearms be sold by auction, this assures the beneficiary that “fair market value” has been achieved and reduces the executors liability.  In some cases it is appropriate for an immediate sale of these items and in those cases we can accommodate with a cash offer.

Please contact us for a confidential consultation if you find yourself responsible for firearms left in an estate. 1-800-694-2609 or email:  sales@switzersauction.com